Monday, 13 January 2014

Open for Commissions!!

Hi folks!

I'll be looking to take on some commissions over the next couple of months so if you would like me to work for you, whether it be portraits, pet portraits, character design, concept art, cover art or something else, get in touch!

Here is some info on how I usually work:

- Payment through Paypal.

- Minimum payment of 50% upfront.

- I reserve the rights to the artwork, and the right to show it here on my portfolio.

- A high resolution 300dpi image will be produced

- An open, communicative relationship is preferred. Give me as many ideas as you can to ensure I see what your vision is and in return, regular updates on my progress.

- Prices vary for each job. Once I hear the job, we can discuss payment together.

- If you like my work, and think we could work together, email me on with your requirements and we can take it from there.



         Big Bang Theory The Movie? by kevmcgivernart

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