Wednesday, 24 September 2014

6 Inspiring Interviews for Artists

I'm always on the lookout for things to watch or listen to while I work. Here is a list of some super inspiring interviews from all kinds of artists. As an illustrator, I always try to take inspiration from other creative fields such as photographers, authors and fine artists. Hours worth of entertainment, education and information in here!

Again, not in any particular order..

1. Humans of New York - Chase Jarvis Live

Really inspiring story of Brandon Stanton, who moved to New York after being fired from his job. He made it his mission to take photos of the people of New York every day. Those photos are now in the form of a New York Times best selling book and the phenomenon that is "Humans of New York"



2. Anthony Jones - Bobby Chiu

Anthony Jones is a concept artist who has worked for companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment and Blizzard specializing in creature design. This interview is from 2011 where Anthony gives us the story of his career and a tutorial showing his work process.

3. SiDEBAR Podcast - Dan Dos Santos Interview


 Dan Dos Santos is a multi-award winning and one of my favourite artists. He is one of the biggest names in the illustration industry, specializing in book cover illustration. In this interview, he gives us the low down on his career and his opinions on the illustration industry.

4. The Death Of Freelance Illustration, Passion Projects & Why We Quit Our Dream Jobs


This was one of 2 conversations between Chris Oatley and Noah Bradley. Chris was a Visual Development Artist for Disney before quitting to start his own Academy of Concept Art. Noah is a Concept artist & illustrator specializing in environment art. He has also recently started his own online education course called Noah's Art amp. This conversation, along with The Realities of Being a Professional Artist with Chris Oatley and Noah Bradley are both wonderful insights into the minds of 2 highly experienced artists in the creative world. 


5. The James Altucher Show - Austin Kleon: How To Be A Creative Genius 

Austin Kleon is an artist and New York Times bestselling author. James and Austin start the show with a discussion on embracing influence, which is the main theme in his book, Steal Like An Artist. This conversation is full of tips and advice that any creative can take into their own field.

6. Drew Struzan - Beyond the Marquee


Legendary Movie Poster Artist, Drew Struzan. Need I say more?!

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Bye for now!!

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