Monday, 19 November 2012

Snow White Evil Queen re-designed

It's finally here! I've had some time recently to finish off (I never feel a painting is totally finished) the next piece in my Disney Villain series, the Evil Queen from Snow White. She is always referred to as the most beautiful of the villains and I wanted this to come across in the painting. Again, I tried to stay true to the original Disney design, just put my stamp on it.
Some people have been asking what the "QG" on the crown represents. The Evil Queen was often referred to as "Queen Grimhilde" in 1930's publications so I incorporated that in the design.
Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. Hope you like it!

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Try something new

Hello everyone! The last couple of weeks have brought me some work that I have never done before. The first was a tattoo design. Something relatively simple incorporating the Zodiac sign for Scorpio and the client's daughter's name. Like I say, something new and something simple but fun nonetheless.
The second was something I really enjoyed. I was asked the design wedding invitations that included whimsical bespoke designs of the bride and groom on the front. They wanted something that people would instantly recognise as them. This was a lot of fun and it now looks like I will have further work doing the table name designs, order of ceremony etc. Again, something different from what I am used to but it is nice to stretch myself and do something completely different once in a whole.
In between times I have been working on some personal pieces, most recently starting Hades for my Disney villain series. Hopefully work will let up slightly so I can get a few of these done quite quickly!
That's all for now!
Bye bye!

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