Monday, 11 August 2014

Top 5 Art Podcasts..

If you are anything like me, you love listening to podcasts while you work. And if they are art-related, even better! Here is a quick rundown of my personal favourites.

5. Make It Then Tell Everybody

Hosted by Dan Berry (, a comic artist and Illustration, Graphic Novels and Children’s Books at Glyndwr University. He interviews various comic artists and illustrators on a weekly basis, focusing on their journey into the world of art, work process, and the dreaded question for all interviewees, "Where do your ideas come from?" Although focused mainly of comic art, this podcast is still really interesting to hear from creative people and their processes.

4. Chris Oatley's Artcast

One of the stalwarts from the early days of art podcasting.....and still going strong! Chris Oatley ( was a Visual Development Artist at Disney and now runs his own business, the Oatley Academy, teaching students everything he knows about art. Although not as frequent as it once was, this podcast's back catalogue is a great insight into the world of a professional artist. Includes interviews with industry professionals, and a personal insight into Chris's life and career.

3. One Fantastic Week

Although not technically a "podcast", One Fantastic Week is a weekly episode, aired on every Monday Youtube, by professional artists Peter Mohrbacher ( and Sam Flegal ( They each discuss what they've been up to that week alond with a special guest. The calibre of guests on this show really is top notch with some top tier industry professionals. This again is a wonderful insight into what is needed to make it in the art industry along with the rarely spoken about, business side of art.

2. The Collective 

A fantastic interview-based podcast ran by Ash Thorp (, a graphic designer, illustrator, artist and creative director working mainly in the film industry. An extensive back catalogue of interviews with artists from various industries, The Collective has recently become more film-based. If you like art, film and art in film, this is for you! Can get quite deep sometimes, but I like that!

1. Your Dreams My Nightmares

YDMN podcast is an interview-based podcast ran by one of my favourite artists, Sam Weber ( A wonderful insight into the world of illustration with a huge range of leading professionals from all over the illustration industry, from Art Directors to Comic Artists to Editorial Illustrators. Sam is a great interviewer, always seeming to ask the questions you are thinking of.

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